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Floor Height in Guardian not working? Try this.

Level 2

I have been having the floor height issue going on within the last week or so, I am not sure what is causing it ... i assume it either a software oculus bug or 1 of the pieces of software i am playing is causing it.   Not sure which, but i did find a work around.     


here is what worked for me:   I tried everything i read first this but here is what worked for me:    I went into the first steps VR Oculus tutorial... and i went through several steps of the tutorial and Viola... after i excited the tutorial the headset had reset it self and guardian works perfectly now.   I have had my headset for 4 months and havent had any issues with the oculus util this week so weird it happened now... but at least it is back to working order and fully functioning.    And, the first steps program is really cool... i had never used it until now.... i wish i had.. its pretty cool.