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For Users w/ Black Screen on Rift, Post Logs Here

Level 15
If you are still experiencing issues with black screens on Rift, please share your log files here. Usually with this issue, Rift will work the first time after a reboot, and then after removing the headset or going idle for a while, the screen in Rift will become black. Restarting your computer or the Oculus service can sometimes temporarily work around this issue. Some users have also had some success with rolling back their video card drivers (for example, to 388.59 on Nvidia). It would be helpful to know if you installed the latest Fall Creators Update, for Windows 10 users. It would also help to know if you are on Rift Core 2.0 or are still using the classic version. Also please note if you have Guardian enabled or disabled. 

See this thread for how to get your LogGatherer zip file.

Note, the file may be too big to attach to the forum, so you may want to use a hosting service like GoogleDrive, etc.

Your help here will assist us in getting to the bottom of this issue. Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: If you're using an Nvida GPU and are having the black screen issue, it may help to send some files to Nvidia as well. See this thread for details.
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Level 2
I have latest Nvidia drivers, and i bought the rift s yesterday, and vr headset's display just shows me a black screen, i don't even know how is the headset when it works, i just have the sound working. It's really sad.
I'm always in the "Set up in VR" step in Oculus app.
Help please?

Edit: I did a rollback for Nvidia Drivers to an older version (not 388.59 because i can't, and i don't know why)
Now Oculus Works, but only for less than a minute, and fades to black again.
It does the same thing when i plug it out and in again.

(Sorry for my bad english)

Level 3

Hello, I am having random black screens during playing on my DK2. Both the screen and the tracker camera turn off. If I unplug and plug back the USB cable to the headset then it is recognized and I can connect and then play for hours without problems.

I can see that the Display is lost in the logs, but no other clue why.

Please can I post the logs with the black screen here?