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Frame Drops, even on oculus link home screen.

Level 2

Description: Frame 6351 dropped due to encoder backup OVRTime: 1019.269514 Time: 2022-06-13 18:0

CPU Ryzen 9 5900x

GPU Radeon RX 6700xt

OS: Windows 11

Admittedly the issue would still persist on Windows 10 but would somewhat resolve after giving OVRServer_x64 priority Realtime (would work maybe 50% of the time). I attempted to do what was done in this video listed here:

Unfortunately had no luck, did not fix anything. Attempted all USB ports on PC and can not run airlink as I have to much interference with other WIFI devices in the home. I don't think its the cable as I've tried multiple different ones, and also as I mentioned above having the frame drops are due to encoder backup. (have no clue what that means tho LOL) 


Level 2

Did you find a fix? I'm having the same issue sadly