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Freeze and Crash / Restart of Rift S

Level 2

Hello together,

several months ago my Rift S started to have some problems. Randomly there are freezes and my sound is gone. I have to go to the Windows 10 Sound options to check mark and deactivate the sound and activate it, to let it work again.


The other problem is different. There's also a freeze, but simultaniously the Rift S beeps for 1-2 seconds and it has a noise sound and screen. You know? Like from the old TV's. Then the screen turns black. The LED is orange instead of white. It takes some seconds, then the Rift S restarts kind of and I'm back in my game with a white LED. But with very low FPS. Felt like 5 FPS or so. I have to pull it off my PC and put it in to let it work normally again.


I have still no answer or fix after all this time. The interned said different stuff. The one side says it is the standard cable what you get together with the Rift S. I also told that the Oculus Support and they said they want to send me a new cable. But I'm waiting for more than a week now and I still have no new cable.

The other side says it is something with the Rift S drivers. I don't know anything about drivers especially for the Rift S. I checked the USB drivers in the device manager. Couldn't update anything. It said everything was on the latest version and also I didn't find anything in the internet. Windows 10 updates were the latest too.


I'm so exhausted and out of ideas. Can you help me please?
Do you know anything about that problem and how to fix it?



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey TaeKwonDodo! Thanks for reaching out to us in regards to your display issue.


This very well may be an issue with your cable - please attempt to connect a known working cable to your dedicated graphics card. 


We'd also like to advise that driver updates depend on the GPU; we have more information on how to update your graphics drivers here


If you continue to have the same issue after these steps, please submit a support ticket with us here so we can investigate further and possibly collect logs, as well as provide us with your previous ticket number so we can check the status of that as well! 

Level 2

Hello OculusSupport,

yes. This was an information I've got from the internet. I already contacted the Oculus Support via E-Mail weeks ago. I was promised to get a new cable. Not long ago I contacted the support again. Only consoled again I'm still waiting for my cable and I didn't get anything until today.


And about the drivers: Everything is updated. At least Windows 10 says that. I checked the device manager. Everything is updated so far. The USB stuff too. I just don't understand the problem.


Months ago the Rift S worked fine. I never had such a problem until this one day where all this started.

Also I have not much USB deviced on my PC. Only stuff I need. Keyboard, Mouse, Microphone, Headset and the Rift S itself.


Oh! And before I forget: There's something else what I've noticed. Pretty rare. And I'm not sure when it happens. It's random. While I was trying to disconnect a USB cable of my devices, I noticed my rgb mouse and keyboard turned off for a second and turned on. Maybe there is a connection to my Rift S problem.


Level 2

Oculus software problem probably, exact same issue started for me a month ago, not a cable issue