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Game Crashes

Level 2
It seems like after I play (population one) for a while the game begins to get choppy and laggy and the more aggressive I play the more the headset can't keep up with the visuals and for split seconds what I see turns in to a 2D picture frozen in space surrounded by darkness.  It tries to catch back up in 3D and continues to do the same thing a few more times and then crashes to the Oculus home lobby. This has been reoccurring every day for the past several days.. Since no one else seems to be having this issue in any of the VR groups I am in I'm guessing it must be the hardware and if this is already happening a month in to owning the quest 2 I'm nervous replacing versus returning. I just hate I have bought a couple hundred dollars worth of accessories and would have to return them as well. I could see having problems like this 2 years down the road but not after only a month. Also seems like the tracking when first powered on is becoming more and more glitchy(lost tracking, can't find play area, controller being shown pointing in opposite direction). I purchased from Amazon and could request a return or replace at this time. If I replaced how would I be able to attach my facebook account to the new headset and re-download the games I have purchased? Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hi, we'd like to help you out with this one. Could you please click here to submit a ticket? Much appreciated! -Kassidy

Level 2
I have same problem every 15-20 games in population one with quest 1