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Game Downloads stop out of nowhere.

Level 4
  I never had this issue in the Q1. 

 Got my Q2, a couple of days ago and i have been triying to download my games again to check the visual improvements, but every game heavier than 1 gb will not work.

 I leave the quest downloading and when i come to check again, the download has not just stopped. It just dissapears completely. What the hell FACEBOOK ?! 

Level 2
wondering if you're still having this issue and if not how did you fix it, im trying to download the walking dead game right now and it stops after it hits about 2gbs and completly resets.

Level 5
having this problem with 2 games so far recently bought, real vr fishing and down the rabbit hole. In middle of download it just stops and have to click install again like nothing downloaded. Also never had this problem with my quest1..

Level 5
i think i might have found a work-around through a reddit thread i found about this problem as it seems to be quite common. Disconnect and reconnect your wifi in the quest2 every half hour or so till the download is finished. Worked for me now to install a game. Hopefully oculus are working to fix this issue so wont need to do such things