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Game is not showing up

Level 2

So I bought a new game SUPERHOT VR i purchesd it on my pc because it is easier then with the quest 2.

but if I log in at my browser it shows that I bought it if I open the app I see in the store but not in the Libary.

If I click download it showes up in my libary but it dosent download and if I check the store on my quest 2 I askes me to buy it.

I also can't return it since there is no button to do so.

Please just Let me Return it


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey! We understand how this can be frustrating, but rest assured it is being taken care of. We checked your account, and it appears that you have already requested a refund and it has been scheduled. Typically, refunds take three to five business days. In case you have any further questions, you can reach out to us at: Thanks!