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Games Taking A Lifetime To Load

Level 3
I'm literally waiting 12 minutes (I timed it) for Rec Room to load. Now if Rec Room took 12 minutes to load and Robo Recall already took a long time to load before, I wonder how long it will take to load now. What I mean is, my games used to load up in less then 5 minutes (they are on my HDD so I understand it will take time) but the fact that it took 12 minutes, literally 12 minutes is too much. Anyone else getting this? I know getting a new Drive will help. I have my C drive as my main SSD (250GB) and my D drive as my 1TB HDD. Im gonna get maybe a 500GB SSHD or a 1TB SSHD for my oculus. But if i can fix this without buying a new drive because i don't have much money to begin with, i'd prefer to do that instead. Any suggestions?

Level 7
I can't speak for other games but I know that recroom has been super glitchy lately so that might have something to do with it.

Level 3
hopefully its just with rec room. although Facebook Spaces does load fast but thats not the app im worried about. Just Robo Recall and Rec Room. Sometimes Echo Arena but mainly just the 2

Level 3
So I tested Robo Recall. I couldn't wait that long, over 20 minutes

Level 2
Hey did you ever find a fix for the long load times? I'm having the same problem with robo recall and all the other games I've bought from the oculus  store, rendering them basically useles. It's so disappointing. All my vr games bought from the steam store work fine and load in a reasonable time.