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Ghosting image on left lens of Quest 2

Level 3


 (example from a rift s owner, is the same on my quest 2, on my 5 QUEST !!)

I bought an oculus quest 2 from amazon about a month ago. It had a ghosting / trailing effect on left lens when I move my head. Speaking with amazon assistance they changed it immediately and in one day I already had the other: the exact same problem.
To avoid any other hypothesis (problem with my left eye) I turned the device upside down and this time I saw the problem on the right (therefore the same identical lens on a different eye). Not happy I let my other friends try it. Contact amazon. Result: I changed 4 devices all with the same problem, in fact amazon tells me to contact oculus directly. What I did and after the myriad of useless things (useless because I had already said I did them all) that they told me, ipd adjust, factory reset, they give me a rma, promising me that this time there will be no kind of problem with my oculus quest 2. The oculus times are absolutely not those of amazon, that to send you the new device does not even wait for me to send mine back, but armed with good will I do everything, while waiting I start looking on reddit and on this forum if anyone has the same problem as mine ... and actually many talk about this strange ghosting effect on the LEFT LENS (strange because among other things the lcd panel is unique) after the v37 update. A few days ago the new device arrives directly from oculus, I try it: THE SAME PROBLEM AGAIN.
I now do not know what to do, I even tried to make a video, screen, I found a simulation of the problem made in gif by a guy on reddit, I explained that it is impossible that both me and others in different devices (replaced for this problem) still detect the exact same problem: this issue is definitely at the software level and many do not realize it! The oculus assistance after having viewed (and by now I'm not sure anymore) all the videos I sent, the screens, the reddit posts, the simulation of the problem proposes me another RMA ... But I believe at this point that I will find another time the same problem: I'm tired of sending packages to wait for a device that I paid for and I can't use it because it makes me roll my eyes!
I am ignorant about it, I am not a programmer or anything like that, but after my experience (I have RMA FOR THE SIXTH DEVICE) I strongly believe that it is not about lenses or hardware but something at the software level! if anyone has the same problem and reads please let them hear you here on the official channels as they don't read the links of the reddit posts I send them.


Later now if I can I send the reddit links and the screens of an identical problem that a boy had on the oculus rift S to which they said that the problem was the CPU of his pc (on this standalone quest I don't use any connected pc) but it gives the idea why that is exactly the problem !!


Here is a guy that does a good simulation of the problem!!


Level 2

I have the exact same problem since V34, I don't know if on V33 was present, if yes was not so evident to me, but version by version the issue was more and more pronounced.
Now I just got V38 and the issue still here.
I can confirm that the ghosting happen only on the left eye and this cannot be recorded because the REC function only works on the right eye (that's why there are only simulations). I tried everything to figure out if was my sight, the lens or whatever, but no, is a software issue that handle the left image.
The Issue is totally random to me, can happen heavily or can disappear totally, but most of the time appears heavily right after I put the Quest 2 on my head, then after about few minutes the issue gradually become less evident. This NEVER happen on the right image/eye.
On V37 was so frequent and visible that I had to stop using the quest for a month.

Level 3

so still this issue persists in v38 .. it was the last thing i wanted to hear.

Level 2

I have the same problem with my left eye
but ghousting disappears after a few minutes? (when the quest heats up)
for me, the problem of ghousting in the left eye is visible when the device is cold, after a few minutes it practically disappears