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Gifting music pack add ons for Beat Saber

Level 3

Why is this still not an option?? I know we can gift apps but I have friends that don't have all the music packs yet and I would love to give one or more as a birthday gift and so on. When we are in parties they can't participate in all songs. I'd buy them the music packs.    There's no option for a gift card either.   Oculus please make this possible.   I feel like you're losing money without this option.  


Level 2

Seems like this should be an easy fix. Please get on this. Take my money, please! lolol

Level 2


I really want to play more songs with my best friend. We have been playing the same songs over and over because she has a new baby and can’t afford the extra music packs. I would love to buy them for her so we can play more songs. I think we would play oculus more if I could buy her more music to play together.

Level 2

Seriously, Meta, how is it Xmas 2021, and we still can't gift App add-ons?
A Beat Saber add-on is the 'Deal of the Day' on the Oculus store today, but there's still no way to gift this to a friend, only buy for yourself.  If you can buy it in the Oculus store, you should be able to gift it.

Level 2

Seriously... I can't understand how it's xmas 2021 and these guys won't even acknowledge this is an issue. I would love to buy the Skrillex pack as a gift for my kid's Quest 2.

Level 3

Agree 1000% I'm a grown adult with grown adult finances... My son and my niece have quest 2 and play beatsaber.... Sometimes with me... And I can't play the songs I wanna play with them because they don't have the songs and it's impossible to fix that from my end as far as I can tell besides sending PayPal money to my ex or my sister in law which is no promise the music pack gets added and definitely not instant.


I can buy them copies of beat saber all day long but unless it refunded the cash to their account allowing them to use the reimbursed funds to buy the music packs that does me zero good.... And I can't easily test that without possibly giving Zuckerberg a charitable donation by buying someone a game they can't redeem and not knowing the rules on how that is handled.

Level 2

Yeah that really was a big letdown. It seem to take me over three or four hours just to even figure out or find any information that actually just said you cannot send add-ons as a gift.!! Furthermore I also hadn’t realized or I just didn’t really know that you have to have all their email information!? I personally don’t know any of my friends email information. I’ve never asked them about that befor, to be frank. So that basically would’ve kind of killed the whole entire suprise factor to giving a gift to them anyways because I would of had to ask them for their email information & they’d be suspicious to why I’d want something like that but Honestly I have no room to complain Because ultimately  I guess I didn’t waste my money on something I already had a copy. To bad for you all because HAD I been able to of gifted that “add on” (song pack that I want to send to my friend well) I More than likely wouldn’t be on here. Writing this message, using my Iphone.  Instead I have nothing on my VR headset and I don’t intend on picking it up anytime soon because basically I didn’t get my way &

yes I am honestly that stubborn (even at the age of 39, I am still that childish and stubborn) Straight to the point, because you wouldn’t let me send a gift (add on song pack that I had my 💙set on sending) so I don’t wanna even use actually, simply refuse to play on your headset at all!

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! Thank you for adding to this thread about what you are experiencing. We understand how you feel about certain features not being available or haven't been implemented. We've all felt disappointed in a system at some point in our life so we found that it would be a good idea to have a place for the community to bring new ideas which you can access here. Looking forward to hearing more ideas!