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Gifting music pack add ons for Beat Saber

Level 3

Why is this still not an option?? I know we can gift apps but I have friends that don't have all the music packs yet and I would love to give one or more as a birthday gift and so on. When we are in parties they can't participate in all songs. I'd buy them the music packs.    There's no option for a gift card either.   Oculus please make this possible.   I feel like you're losing money without this option.  


Level 2

Seems like this should be an easy fix. Please get on this. Take my money, please! lolol

Level 2


I really want to play more songs with my best friend. We have been playing the same songs over and over because she has a new baby and can’t afford the extra music packs. I would love to buy them for her so we can play more songs. I think we would play oculus more if I could buy her more music to play together.