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Gorn won't start up after the chant on Quest 2 port. Any tips?

Level 2
After the little chant when you start up the game, I'm stuck on that screen no matter how long I wait. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing changed. Something i've noticed is when you try to open the game, it syncs to cloud. This doesn't happen with any of my other games so if I could find a way to change that it might work. Normally I would request a refund, but this happened after the refund terms were over.

Level 12
delete and re install the game.  i think there is somethin with permissions.

Level 2
Hello I would like to know if u still have the same problem or u solved it because I have the same problem as u and I tried everything to make it work but I can't do anything if u did solve it I would appreciate so much if u told me how to do it too