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Why I can’t use this card with oculus quest 2 ?


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Volunteer Moderator

I've started to get confused with nvidia's naming strategy lately but is there a desktop 1650 ti or are we talking laptop only for this card?

If it's laptop, then I think a couple people have posted that they've been able to use it depending on the app/game, possibly using Virtual Desktop to stream rather than Link (which imposes additional encoding load... I think I've seen posts that recommend buying games on Steam to bypass the unsupported message that the Oculus desktop app throws up, but I can't vouch for any of this.


All I can say is I guess it just falls below what's considered minimum spec so isn't supported.

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Level 12

so the 970 is lowest compatible gpu for quest.

the link below gives break down of specs


All in all they are comparable for raw rendering and general gaming.  But the quest via link needs encoding and correcting for barrel distortion.  The added parallel processing power of of the 970 vs 1650ti 1664 vs 1024 allows for that operation to happen.


I also don't think the 1650 ti has h2.64 encoding.