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Guardian grid orientation cannot be defined [Quest 1 and 2]

Level 5

So after hours of trying i cannot find a way to correctly orient the guardian grid on my quest 2 neither on my quest 1.


It is VERY important if user can orient the grid, because when drawing a maximum size play area (10mt x 10mt on Quest1, 20mt x 20mt on Quest2) the orientation DOES MATTER.


Let me explain before someone will say "just long press Oculus button to reset orientation": IT IS NOT WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Try to draw a maximum play area: you will notice that at some point the drawn line will stop, forcing you to continue 90 degrees... to create a big square, but that square is bound on the grid orientation.


Neither say "ok, disable it". For some games guardian is MANDATORY.


Looks like the grid orientation is bound the first time you power on the Quest, the VERY FIRST time, and then the orientation will be bounded forever. Restart or Switch off/on will not change the orientation.

It will be bound since you power on your brand new Quest for the first time.

Maybe only a factory reset will reset your grid orientation, and c'mon this is ridiculous.

As said, when setting up maximum space area, orientation is fundamental because if the degrees angle are not aligned to real world space and boundaries and obstacles, it is impossible to set maximum area correctly.


And for me the problem is bigger, because i have 2 quests and i want them to have the same grid orientation.

I have Space Trainer DX and Arena requires 10mt x 10mt.... I potentially have that space, but only if i could rotate the grid....


Just to be clear once for all:




Level 2

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm having the exact same issue. Here's what I suggest for the Oculus developers. On top of the easy press and hold guardian method, add a 4 point guardian method where you aim, and press once, that's one corner, then you aim and press again, that's a second corner, and so forth until you have 4 corners. Once that is done, compute the square position and orientation that maximally fits those 4 corners while respecting the 20m limit. Just so you know, SteamVR has this implementation already, I don't see why you wouldn't have it.


Level 2

This is exactly what is happening to me too and it is driving me crazy!  You should be able to reset the floor grid to the orientation of where you are going to draw your room space, otherwise you may be in your floor space perfectly centered but moving your arm causes the "wall" to come up which is so annoying!  UGH!


Level 5

almost one year, no fix and not even a reply from devs.

wrost support ever, as expected