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Level 4
I just received my CV1. HDMI PIN is bent. There is no option to replace the HDMI cable in the CV1. I am very disapointed

Level 2
After waiting for months I finally got my Rift today and I was so excited to try VR for the first time. Then I got the dreaded "HDMI cable is not plugged in" and my world turned to ashes. I have looked at the HDMI pins and although I couldn't see anything wrong with my graphics card i did see something horrifying with my Rifts HDMI. One of the pins is pushed back a little and is slightly bent out.... I feel like crying now. I have msged support but now I am worried I wont see a replacement cable, or fix for my problem, for weeks *cries*

Level 5
i'm surprised that the "bad quality hdmi cable" issue still happens with the latest batches being delivered.

i thought this issue was/is already known since the first units that were shipped, and supposed to be rectified by now ??

Level 3
After having the dreaded HDMI not connected error for 2 weeks I have found this post. I now see the left 2 most pins are bent to hell and back.

Level 3
New cable fixed all problems.

Level 4
Same issue, but having problems contacting support as i dont have my order number as i was a kickstarter and the link that oculus supplied to my order now longer works , Any idea?

Level 3
Hi guys, what issues do bent HDMI cause other than (HDMI NOT CONNECTED) - style warnings? Not bad tracking I assume as that is a data connection?

Level 3
I just found this issue myself. 
Before HDMI going out completely I was getting video drop outs ~3-5s with headset audio and screen mirror unaffected. 

Level 2
I just got a new replacement cable. It bent within 20 minutes. I expect a continuous supply of free replacements until you make the cable more reliable.