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HDMI and USB extension cables not working.

Level 2
Hi all,

So I just built a new PC and when I went to setup my Rift the sensors connected without issue. However, the headset wasn't being detected. I have an HDMI and USB extender running through my wall to my PC. This worked flawlessly on my old PC, but now with my new build the headset isn't being detected. I tried bypassing the extenders and just plugged the headset directly into my PC and it worked. So clearly something is wrong with the extenders, I just don't understand how it was working a few days ago on my old PC, but now it doesn't work on my new PC.

Any suggestions?

Level 2
I figured it out. I guess the USB wasn't getting enough power so I plugged in my powered USB hub and it worked.

I didn't think I needed it cause my new motherboard had enough slots for everything. 😕