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Headset started to disconnect from Link

Level 2
So my quest 2 started to disconnect while connected to my pc on the link out of the blue, i had my cable hung up loosely; never yanking on it all that stuff. I don't have a pulley system *yet*, however today after leaving my cable unplugged for 3 days it started having issues, the cold got real bad so i decided not to do VR since we don't have the best heating.

Between the time i played last and today the APP did update, on my pc. However im not sure if that is the cause;

I know my ports are good, cause i was able to do 6+ hour sessions when i initially got the cable just fine, on USB-C port and usb-A port after i got an adapter. (my Usb-c didn't output power all the time properly, ranging from 50MA to 600MA, unknowing the reason why.) My headset *does* sometimes seem not to connect to my batterypack when playing, but i can't tell if its the connector on my headset or if its just cause the pack im using is rather old; lent to me till iget my own for standalone use while playing Walking dead S&S.

Level 2
So am I and so are other people after the v25 update. There are people posting on Reddit about it, I suggest posting a ticket to make Oculus know about it so that hopefully they can look into it.

Level 2
Same problem for me, started 2-3 days ago 😕