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Help!! Rift dead on arrival with one blank, one corrupted display..

Level 3
Hi guys

I'd love some help here.. My Rift arrived last week and I cant get it to work. 

Upon installation of oculus home, I get through the connection routine with no issues, but once the rift activates the proximity light changes from orange to white but I get one blank screen and one screen full of green streaks. If i power down or disconnect then try again I then get two blank screens. 

Helpfully the oculus software then strands me at the adjust lenses section with no way to escape except to uninstall all traces of oculus software using a third party uninstaller and start again.

My system is:

i7 4960x @ 4.4ghz
asus rampage extreme IV mobo
radeon 295x2
win 7 64bit

so far I have tried all display ports with a mini dp to hdmi adaptor and the dvi port via an adaptor.
I've also installed the recomended inateck pci-e usb card in an effort to eliminate possible usb issues and have done all the obvious stuff like re-seating the cable but still get the same result.

I've opened a support ticket and have had a few responses and have provided logs, but it's now gone quiet and they haven't responded for a few days.

Does anybody have any advice on the best course of action?



Level 5
Send it back ASAP!!

Level 3
Yeah, that's easier said than done. So far oculus support seem far more interested in stalling than helping.

Level 7
Welcome to the unlucky club.

Level 7
hmmm it looks like I must be one of the very lucky few with an actual working rift !

Level 3
I'm happy to report that I got it working. I purchased a higher spec passive mini DP to HDMI adaptor (hdmi 2.0 and 4k) and bingo, the bloody thing works!!!

Oculus could certainly do us all a favor and be a little more up front about the usb and hdmi requirements. My system breezed through their checker utility but I ended up having to purchase an additional PCIe usb card and HDMI adapter.  It took quite a lot of digging through forums to identify the problem. If somewhere along the route to purchase they said you'll need a bang up to date powered usb 3.0 port (not that asus shit on your expensive motherboard) and an HDMI 1.3 complaint port or adapter they could have saved me and their support team a whole load of time.

anyway... its awesome when it works!!

Level 2
hey, glad that it works. Could you provide the exact details to what kind of HDMI Adaptor you purchased, maybe a link to amazon, so that other Rifters who have the same problem, could quickly buy the Adapter aswell. Thanks in Advance.

Level 3
sure no problem. It cost £12 and came the next day... Result!!!!

Level 3
I think the important thing is that it is high bandwidth. It supports hdmi 2.0 and 4k.   If im correct the rift uses an HDMI 1.3 cable, so any adapter needs to meet that as a minimum.

Level 2
Same happened to me ordered the HDMI as above.. Praying mine starts working. Just hope it fits in the AMD R9 295x2 Mini Display ports.....