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Level 2

Does anyone know if you can track your Oculus Gene 2 from your account or something like that because mine was stolen and I have no way to find it and the cops aren't much help either any ideas


It has no tracking or remote wipe functionality. Reset your Facebook account credentials immediately.

Level 15

Unfortunately there is no tracking or GPS within the Q2.  Main thing is to wipe your device data.  I don't think you need to do much else but it's probably a good idea to change Oculus and FB passwords.


First, head to on a computer or your phone. Then, if you haven't already, log in with the Facebook/Oculus account associated with your headset. Find the Oculus Quest headset you want to wipe on the list of devices, and press “Delete Device Data".


I believe this info is still correct;


Also a good idea to contact Oculus support and tell them what's happened.  They should be able to help walk though the process and advise what else you should do.  Maybe try the support chat option.

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