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Herobound Spirit Champion - Entitlement error fix

Level 2

OK, here we go again.  I had previously posted a fix for this game by replacing a .DLL in a separate post, so you'll need to do that first if you haven't already , but the latest Oculus software has broken the game and causes an Entitlement Error.  You can read the whole story or jump to the workaround.

whole story:  I recently got the itch to play this again, got the entitlement error now, and its no fun.  So contacted Oculus support as I own the game, why can't i play a game i own?  They gave me the advice to reboot, restart, reinstall, but it did not fix the issue.  They said contact the developer Gunfiregames, I contacted them, they said Oculus supports this game ... Arrgh..  Anyhow, I did some searching and finally found a workaround and solution to get the game running again.  Its not pretty, and I'm gonna send feedback in Oculus forums and voice about this... I mean I have older DOS / win98 stuff  and can run games which I own with the proper setup.. but Oculus forces you to update all the time and stuff breaks.. and that is annoying.  Also that they don't provide headset downgrade fw or sw.  Below is the solution I found after some digging.

Workaround:  Search for this online  (FIXED - Old Oculus Home Runtime W/ Instructions) Follow the instructions and you can run the game again.  I did not do that post, but thankful to the person that did their old software homework, I was planning to backup my older machine folder and try (see next sentence), but tested this solution and it works again on my new machine. ( I also noticed on an older machine with older Oculus software that I only needed to replace the DLL from my previous post).  However now I'm safe with this backup as long as it doesn't break again.  One other tip, after following the instructions and you have the older runtimes go to your oculus game directory and find the Software Ex: Oculus\Software\gunfire-games-llc-herobound-spirit-champion\  and double click to run the HeroBound2_PC.exe and it should work! Hope this helps someone who wants to play this fun game!