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Horizon Workrooms 1.3.5 update issues

Level 4

I really do appreciate the new features and environments in Horizon Workrooms that were included in this last App update, but there are a couple of issues I wanted to bring to light to see if anyone else is experiencing them.


-The High Five feature that was announced in the release notes 1.3.5 is actually not working. I have tried with multiple people in different rooms to no avail. Am I missing a step or is this something that everyone is experiencing?


-I noticed that my remote desktop lags a whole lot more and loses its connection a whole lot more since the update. I have an M1 MacBook Air and yes I have downloaded the most recent Oculus Remote Desktop App.


-I also noticed that Workrooms has a harder time tracking my keyboard since the update as well. I know that I have an Air and its not officially supported, but I have been able to use it just fine with the Macbook Pro option selected. I know I should temper my expectations because of this, but I was just curious if anyone else is experiencing issues with keyboard tracking as well.


Just to cover any other variables with my setup that need to be considered:

-I have a Quest 2.

-I do have a gigabit network at home, so no issues there.

-I am a PTC member and I am currently running the pre-release of V39. 


Level 3

Hi Angelo,

I totally agree with your findings that performance wise I have noted down several performance decreases compared to the earlier 1.2 beta release:


- hand tracking became buggier and shows sudden freezes when crawling with your hands in the air ( to reproduce the issue )


- when we do fast movements with two people in the same room the performance is also worse. I also noticed that half of the body has been removed, maybe to reduce waste in object definitions, but the performance has not increased.


Any upcomng bugfixes to focus on stability and performance? This is really wasting the added value of a product I was really enthusiastic about.


Especially when people noticed a flawless behavior of object tracking and performance before… it sets expectations 🙂


if you want me to help testing, let me know.