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Horizon worlds app not functioning properly

Level 2



I have a problem with Horizon worlds.


On the release date 4/3/22 when I switched on my Oculus Quest 2 I saw that icon of "oculus" changed to "meta" icon. Then I went into the applications store and saw that Horizon worlds finally avalaible there.


Next step was downloading and installing. Everything during that process went perfect. After installation been finished, I opened game and started exploring tutorial. When further I decided to log into the "ramen restaurant" and Horizon worlds stuck there. I could not even exit the app properly or go to another world nor to personal space.


After a while I decided to reset the Oculus Quest thinking that it could have helped. But after restarting App icon of Horizon worlds was gone. Applications store has only button to put it into watch list, but not download. It seems that Applications is gone, like access to it was revoked or something.


Can you please explain to me how this could have happened and what will be your recomendation to fix it?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. I'm living in Switzerland if it will be any of help to you...


Level 2

P.S. I'm living in Switzerland if it will be any of help to you...

It is only available inside the US for now. You will have to wait for it to be available in your country.


I on the other hand, have the same issue although i live in the US and support was responsive but ill have to wait a few days for their response

Thanks for the details mate!