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Hour problem in my Oculus Quest 2

Level 2

Hey guys, my Quest 2 isn’t show me the correct hour. I was looking in the Oculus and in the App to change it and put the correct time but I can’t find where to do it. Can anyone help me with this, please?.


Thanks, pals.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there! Thanks for asking this question. The date and time on the Oculus headset, is set up from the phone's date and time at the time of the headset being set up. This means that the Oculus headset itself, does not recognize the time change. To adjust this you will need to factory reset the headset and set up with a phone that is set to the correct time. To perform a factory reset you can find the steps here. If that doesn't help please submit a support ticket and kindly include all of the troubleshooting steps that you have tried. 

Thank you so much for your answer!!. I finally made another synchronization with my smartphone and it fix the hour immediately.


Again… thank you so much!!

Hey there, glad we were able to help you figure this out!