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How do I check if controllers and sensors still works?

Level 2
Does anyone have any idea how i could test if a pair or sensors and controllers from an oculus cv1 works without having a functioning headset? Unfortunately my headset broke, it keeps connecting and disconnecting, but im pretty sure my sensors and controllers still work, and i wanna test them before selling them.
I was planning to use "wearvr desk scene" to test it (I used it before when my headset still worked, to set the positions of the sensors) but it doesn't seem to work without the headset working properly.
Any idea?

Level 4



As far as I know, the sensors you can plug into your PC and open the Oculus app. It should show them as functional and working when you plug them in.


As for the controllers, I'm not too sure. I believe back when I had my CV1 that when I turned them on they would simply connected,  but I think you do need a headset to verify those.


Hopefully this helps!


- DominatorVIP