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How do I get ACTUAL help with my malfunctioning Quest II headset?

Level 2
Just over a week ago I submitted my second support request, ticket# 2112220. I reported that in addition to the crazy passthrough (the image flips on its side, or tilts 120 degrees, or just distorts all over the place) reported in ticket# 2050776, I now have additional issues, such as BOTH controllers disappearing or flipping off into space, the cubes in Beat Saber suddenly dropped about a virtual foot (no, my height did not change), and randomly (well, it all happens randomly) having the view "stick" to the headset orientation--i.e. if I turn my head, EVERYTHING moves with my head, every little twitch. I don't get motion sick very easily, but after just a few seconds of the view moving with every little head twitch, I actually feel dizzy for several minutes after I take it off.

So what response have I gotten? A minimum of SIX different customer "service" reps have asked what the problem was, and suggested I do all the things I've ALREADY DONE, like take the batteries out of the controllers for a few minutes, resetting the headset, resetting the headset to factory settings, etc. I keep saying that I've tried all that and the issues are getting worse, only to get another person asking the same damn things again.

To be fair, the most recent one apologized for "the confusion and incontinence" this has caused, which at least made me laugh. But what I really want is a USABLE QUEST II. Tomorrow I'm heading to Amazon and giving the seller a 1-star rating, assuming I get the same non-help here I've gotten from, in order, Eric, Mohammad, Murnirah, Jeevan, Cynthia, and Melai. Eric at least responded a few times before moving on to, I don't know, someone who would be happy with just resetting their headset and who wouldn't bug people anymore.