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How do we adjust the IPD in our DK2 now that oculus config is gone?

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Seriously - I love oculus home, but some of us still have our dk2s and will continue to have them after we get our CV1's. Not being able to adjust ipd makes it painful to look at things up close unless you're close to the median, which I'm not. 

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Hang on a minute, i'm still trying to get 1.3 installed so can't check for myself but is it true DK2 users can no longer adjust IPD?
That's insane and could lead to eye problems / headaches.

Oculus I know the "It's a dev unit" line absolves you from any support or liability but come on this is not one. Not everyone has the funds to buy the CV1 at launch.

Does anyone at least know what the "default" IPD setting is?

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If I am not wrong the default IPD should be 64mm.

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Wow, I was playing around with the config setting for ipd and my DK2...I set it to 0.064. If that's how it feels like to have the wrong setting, I feel bad for people outside the range that Oculus can adjust. It was unusable! I feel thankful that I have a pretty standard ipd. It will be interesting with CV1 and to be able to adjust it directly.

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AFAIK the only thing the IPD setting did was change the scale of the virtual world. Which is important, but it's not the kind of issues people are suggesting.

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Volunteer Moderator
I believe there's two aspects it changes (IIRC):
- The separation of the cameras in the 3d world. This will affect scale of the world, if it's not matching you in real life then things will feel too big or too small.
- The skew of the projection matrix, used to align the infinite distance centre point of each view on the lens with the location of your eyes in real life. This would cause discomfort if wrong.

At least I think the second one is a real thing and I'm not imagining it. I just woke up and am getting ready for work, I don't have time to go into my code to check how the sdk uses IPD. 🙂

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Is there any update on getting IPD settings back for the DK2? I've got a mini project I'd like to work on right now for use in the Rift but I'm not expecting my CV1 until May - would rather be able to use my DK2 in the meantime rather than it being a headache inducing paperweight.

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The IPD IS very, very important, on both glasses, AND VR headsets, This is the lens separation for your eyes that fixes the focal depth. Get it wrong, and close up things and far away things will give you headaches. You'll never get proper "sharp" convergence on the green + inside oculus home. It was silly to take it out because DEVELOPERS might not have MANY cv1s to give to various people, and they may want to KEEP USING DK2s to test products on lower resolutions, or as a quick and dirty extra workstation, OR, as a lower DEMAND workstation. 

bad move to take it out.

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If you're developing in Unity, you can manually change your IPD in OVRProfile.cs (line 161). This is strictly for developing purposes of won't work for any IPD other than the one you set, so releasing a demo for DK2 users isn't possible using this method.

I've been trying to figure out how to access the IPD number pulled from OVRPlugin.cs, but I'm not that experienced in coding.

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DK2 IPD Workaround:

  1. Exit Oculus Home
  2. Stop OVRService
  3. Edit the file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Oculus\NetServer.cfg
  4. On the line that says "DK2LensSeparationOverride": 0,
  5. Change 0 to your IPD (in meters: example for 63.8mm change to 0.0638)
  6. Save the file
  7. Start OVRService
  8. Profit!
PS: Remember to change it back to 0 when you receive your Rift CV1!
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That method doesn't work. That is for physical separation and not IPD. Using that will lead to migraines!

We need a proper way to adjust the IPD on the DK2. Oculus surely doesn't expect developers (and users) who are waiting their CV1s to simply stop developing or playing all VR for a couple of months?!

I had an event to attend on launch night and placed my order 12 hours after pre orders opened. I'm hoping my CV1 will arrive in May but what am I meant to do in the meantime?