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How long for my quest to change from opened to shipped ?

Level 2
Really finding it hard not to cancel my purchase, Been 7 days since I ordered the oculus Quest and still no change ???????.
Has anyone else been having this trouble, Was meant to be a birthday present. Not sure weather to just off amazon now as can get it next day now it’s back in stock . Help Oculus please .

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Hi @Alfsdad there are a couple threads on this already, one for Rift and one for Quest which is this one:

although both headsets are discussed on both threads so you should get an idea of what other people are experiencing with the order status right now, it seems there's quite a variation probably depending on location but not sure, some see a change from Open to Processed for Shipping in less than a week but looking through the thread a few people said longer... 2 to 4 weeks even.

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