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How to bypass "graphics card incompatible with Rift system" on Oculus app

Level 3

There's a few threads but they're years old, hoping there's an update on this issue out there?

I feel it's a bit unfair the Oculus app refuses to even let you open or try the game on PC just because a GPU isn't officially supported.

I've tried running a games .exe direct but suspect Oculus force closes it. I tried changing a registry file but that didn't work. Surely there must be a workaround?

Any new input appreciated please.

P.s I can run VR games perfectly fine with zero issues on Steam.


Level 4

Same problem here. My GPU is well over spec but the oculus app refuses to let me run.

I would love to know any work arounds.


Oculus should fix this, bit beyond the joke really.

I've searched endlessly and doesn't seem like there is a workaround.

Hoping staff can maybe give an answer to this. As said it's a bit unfair that the Oculus app refuses to even open and let you try a game. The warnings should be enough if anyone doesn't have a good experience.

Apparently they are working with Nvidia on it..  They answered in another post, lots of people with the same problem. I guess they want us to buy all the games again for the air link version..