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How to contact Oculus

Level 2

I'm pretty much posting here as a last hope. It seems I've been ignored the entire time. I recently bought the Oculus Quest 2 along with the Carrying Case. I got the Oculus Quest 2 and everything is fine with it but I have yet to get the Carrying Case after 3+ weeks of waiting. I have opened two support chats(?) with them within the last 3 weeks, as well as emailed them, tried finding a phone number to no avail, and any attempt to get help via Facebook is ignored due to them having a spam-bot instead of an actual person dealing with messages to their FB group/account.


Was hoping anyone had any idea of what else I can do because I feel I spent the extra $50/$60 for nothing and feel ripped off. Honestly at this point I'd just rather have the $50/$60 refunded to me as it's becoming more obvious by the day that Oculus doesn't care nor do then intend to send me what I paid for. I very much enjoy the Oculus Quest 2 and the games available but I don't see myself buying hardware from Oculus at all in the future if they ignore their customers needs.