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How to install Oculus to non C drive?

Level 2
I've been trying to install the oculus app to my NTFS F drive with 467Gb of free space, using the command prompt as admin. After trying with both the instructed options in the help pages, I'm still unable to install the Oculus app. I'm not able to install the app to my C drive because of the lack of space (120Gb SSD drive with only a few Gb of free space)

Level 4
I had significant problems with this too, it just ignores the flag even when passed correctly... 

I did eventually get it to work, I think I moved the installer to the root of the drive I wanted it to install too and launched it using the command line option from there and that seemed to work.

I was able to install it to C drive for a while until everything started breaking as the drive had 0 bytes of free space, after which I had to uninstall the oculus app from the C drive. I'm still trying to install the oculus app to the F drive, installer being at the root of the drive, but it still doesn't seem to work correctly.


If drive is given like "/drive=F" it opens the installer correctly but it attempts to install it to the C drive. When giving the cmdline arguments as "/drive:F", the oculus app installer won't open at all. Currently I'm completely unable to install the app because of this