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How to install star wars tales from the galaxy's edge on pc.

Level 2

Sounds silly to ask but how do I install this game via the oculus desktop app?


I can install the game on my quest 2 but would prefer to play it via pc link.


Cannot find the game even when specifically searching for it on the desktop app, doesn't even appear in library.


Sorry for the noobish question, new to VR.


EDIT: Found the reason why. I just didn't look through the forum thoroughly enough.


As ellismusic1 points out here:


"Only cross-buy games will show up in both libraries wireless and link.
Example games that I purchase using the link cable will not show up in wireless library unless they are cross-buy."


Have no idea how to mark this as solved. But I hope someone finds this useful at one point or another.


star wars tales from the galaxy's edge is not cross-buy.