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I can't see my order

Level 2
Hey guys.
I'm having trouble seeing my order.
I bought an Oculus Quest Friday, but I haven't been able to see it in "my orders". And when i go to the link from an email they sent me, it just re-sends the same email again and again.
I was wondering if some of you were having the same experience or if something is wrong?

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @AnguDVD the order was placed as a Guest (Not signed into an Oculus Account). You should be able to access it through the Guest Portal. You may need to clear your cookies or cache in some cases, or trying another browser. If you still need assistance, create a ticket. - Principe

Level 2
Make sure you don't make the same mistake I did by clicking on the top email! (this is in gmail anyway) Because it shows the oldest emails first so scroll down the chain for the newest email! hope this helps in some way 🙂