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I cannot upload files from my mac to my Oculus quest 2 anymore

Level 2

I was able to upload files into the Quest 2 just fine until a few days ago. Now it does not work.

I have tried re downloading the android file transfer app, I purchased a new cord, I have restared the mac, I have checked to make sure unlock pattern password is not on. The android file transfer software says it runs on operating software of OS 10.7 and beyond, I am running 10.5 So beyond resetting my Oculus 2 to factory reset (which I don't think is gonna work) I am all out of ideas about what to do. Do you think it's possible that it is the app? and that it just needs a more current operating system? 


Oculus Support
Oculus Support

Heyo @xavier9nine9. It could definitely be the fact it does need a more current OS if it supports 10.7+ but you're running 10.5. It also could be the fact it is being ran through a Mac which technically isn't supported yet by Oculus software.