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I cant get a silicone mask for my quest

Level 2

Level 2

Hi, I don't know how this goes so I just sent of the problem here is my problem I bought a oculus quest for my birthday in 2020 but I bought it early so I wouldn't not get it to the pandemic now I have been having the foam irritate my face for a while now so I saw that you can get a free cover so I redeemed my code and it said that I couldn't get it it said that 

"You've already received the Quest 2 silicone cover:

You purchased your new Quest 2 or Quest 2 fit pack on or after 24/08/21 and already received a silicone cover in the box. You are not eligible to receive an additional free Quest 2 silicone cover."
this made know sense to me as it wasn't a quest 2 and it did say can anyone tell me why this isn't working? it has no longer got warranty but that's for the headset right? do they not provide this for quest 1? 
Thanks for your time 

It's Quest 2 only I believe

I have now emailed oculus to request a silicone face mask as it does iritate my skin


Hopefully they send me one