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I don't even remember making an Unlock Pattern, Locked out of my account

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Hey there. So I am really frustrated right now and I'm honestly about to give up on this technology because I cannot even understand the reason why we'd need to have both a pin AND an unlock screen all to access our headsets. There should be an option to remove this layer of security because it's turning my headset into a useless piece of expensive hardware I cannot use for reasons that do not make sense to me. 


I suppose months ago I made an unlock patttern, but I don't remember what it was. I researched this issue and the most common solution that came up is to perform a factory reset and lose all of my progress and games. I've already lost everything from a previous headset that died on me and this will be the thing that gets me to leave Oculus, because i do not want to do it all again. 

I also keep being directed to go to the app, go to devices, scroll down and see the pattern, but my app also asks me to put in the unlock passcode as well. It's the same issue with zero solutions I've been able to find. I'd really appreciate help with this because it's making me feel very much like I need to give up on my hobby.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello katblaque! We're sorry to hear you're having a hard time remembering your unlock pattern. We understand your frustrations with not being able to get into your device to enjoy some VR gaming.


We have a support article on how to manage your unlock pattern that we think would help. The last section of the article lists the steps to remove the pattern if you've forgotten it. We hope this helps and we'll see you in VR soon!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again! We wanted to check in to make sure you were able to get back into your device.

PINs and unlock patterns are optional security features. If they could be easily removed without losing access to your personal data on the headset, there would be little reason to have them. Personally, I'd want any thief to be forced to factory-reset.


Anyway, you don't have to use them so after your next factory reset, just don't.

None of the advice sent to me was helpful. As stated in the original post, I am immediately prompted to enter my unlock code when I try to access it from the mobile app so I am not able to access my account. I have a pin, but I am not prompted to insert it. I cannot get into my headset without my unlock pattern. 

Appreciate the feedback. I'm going to opt for a new system if I cannot access my own account. I am tired of fighting with Oculus and their obsession with tying everything to a facebook account and unnecessary security features. A pin was fine and I already keep my items in a secure place. If someone accesses them, my problems are bigger than my account being accessed by a stranger.