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I forgot pattern

Level 2

About a month ago I put a pattern on my oculus and now I can’t remember it. On the oculus it say that if you forget to connect on the app but the app ask for the same pattern that we don’t remember. How can remove the pattern with my PIN or password. I know that there is the factory reset option but that’s not gonna work for me. You need to have away for us to use an alternative password to sign in. Please help me out here.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, sorry to hear this has happened. You are correct, currently if a PIN or passcode for the unit is forgotten, the headset must be factory reset in order to regain access. If you'd like to see some changes implemented to this process in the future, please submit that feedback on our UserVoice. If you have further questions or concerns, click here to submit a ticket. Thank you!