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I still don't have 120hz on v30

Level 4

I have updated my quest 2 to v30 a while back and I didn't have 120hz yet. When v28 came out it didn't get 120hz and the problem continues. I have tried everything from connecting my quest to my phone and computer but nothing. The quest app on computer and phone is up to date. I have also rebooted my quest many times I even factory reset the quest but nothing. When I first saw that I didn't have the option in experimental features I thought I just had to wait but it has been months and I still don't have it. I have every other feature from v28 29 and 30 but no 120hz. Any solutions?


Level 3

Same for me, I factory reset also. Oculus support is a total joke, after 5 different ppl I finally got someone who said they'd see it though to a fix, haven't heard from them in weeks....

Level 3

Waiting for 120hz as well

Level 2

No 120hz for me either, I sent a Ticket over a week ago, which has been ignored by support 

Level 2

Same here. They’re likely using a hash of the user id to sub divide user cohorts and we happen to fall into the unlucky 5% long term hold back to measure how quest2 usage drops based on availability of 120hz on the device.


I understand why they need to do that, but it’s still super annoying that you can’t opt out.