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I think I have faulty oculus quest 2

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Hi, I purchased a brand new Oculus Quest 2 about three weeks ago and the very first time I switched it on I experienced these flickering vertical lines moving across the screen in varying amounts. This problem then seemed to go away but then intermittently returned only on and off. But now it has returned with a vengeance and will not go away.

There is clearly a fault with the headset display. After contacting John Lewis where I purchased the item, they informed me that I should first contact Oculus. However, I cannot find anything in relation to this problem in their support section. How do I actually get to speak with someone on this matter in person.

I am beginning to get very frustrated at this lack of support. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

We totally understand how frustrating this must be for you. We do have a dedicated support team you can chat with, but we can also help you here in community! Since the vertical lines has been persisting, we would recommend factory resetting your headset, after making sure your games are backed up, of course! If this doesn't work, please let our support team know so they can help you further:

Hi, I have already tried a factory reset and the problem is still there.

Thank you for letting us know the previous steps provided didn't resolve your issue. We would like to request that you please submit a support ticket with us and when doing so please provide us with the following: 


  1. Any possible photos of your screen
  2. Basic info, such as: Full Name, Alias/Username, and email address linked to your Oculus account.
  3. Are you using this as a standalone or connected to a PC using the Oculus link cable?
  4. Has your device encountered a hard surface recently or has this issue occurred straight out of the box?

Please be sure to send your response to us here: and one of our lovely agents will be more than ecstatic to assist you.


I am a mature owner in my 50s, there are no children in my household and I use this device about two to three times per week. It had this problem right out of the box on day one, then recurred at random but the most recent has not gone away. As a mature and responsible owner, I have handled the device with kid gloves right out of the box, so it most certainly has not made contact with any hard surface.

I will do as you request and contact support through the link you provided.

The support I have received thus far from both the retailer from where I purchased it and Oculus has been somewhat underwhelming to say the least. Let's hope I can get this matter resolved quickly.