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Impossible to connect Oculus Link

Level 4

Hi all,


Here's another issue with my Oculus quest 2.

I used it yesterday without any issue.

When I try it today, I simply can't connect to my PC with my link.


On my Oculus app, my headseat is connected, I tried several reboot (of my computer and through the option in the app itself). Everytime I connect my Quest to my pc, I have the notification that it's well plugged, I can see it's connected, the headseat is full charged, but I can't do any USB test anymore. Moreover, I can't connect it to launch my Oculus home neither Steam VR (of course).


It's been several days since most users, including me, get issues without being able to download "old apps". Now I can't use 80% of my Quest. What's going on ?


Level 4

Up !

Someone experiencing issue with link cable ?