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Impossible to get support!!

Level 2

I have been having issues with my Quest 2. Whenever I turn on the headset it says "Get more apps" and none of my apps or games show. When I click "Get more apps" it says nothing to display. I have updated my Oculus. Rebooted a million times. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it again. I have tried everything I found in support. My internet is excellent and connected. I can't get in touch with anyone. With the amount of money I spent on this, I expect to experience less issues. It has been nothing but problems since I got it in November. Help please!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Our apologies for the difficulty getting support, but we're here to help you get your apps/games showing back in your library now!


Thank you for letting us know everything you've attempted thus far. We do have a few more questions to ask, in addition:


  • Roughly when did you notice your apps weren't showing anymore (and are they missing from just the headset or the pc/mobile app as well)?
  • Have you tried logging out of your account on the headset (and/or mobile/pc app) and logging back in?
  • And, asides from rebooting, have you set up the Cloud Backup and attempted to Factory Reset the device?

We look forward to your response, TheGamer4!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again! We just wanted to reach back out and see if you were still needing any assistance or if you were able to get everything sorted out?


Let us know!