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Invalid ZIP code

Level 2

I just got a brand new oculus quest 2, and I am trying to buy games, but when I try to add my debit card info, it rejects the zip code. I know for sure it is correct, and I have tried several different codes for around my area, and none of them work. How am I supposed to buy games?


Level 2

Same for me, hopefully it’s just an easy bug fix or something, cause if not it’s gonna be a big problem. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone,


Zip codes for card info can be a little tricky. Please ensure the zip code you are inputting is the one associated with the bank account the card is apart of. You may also need to call your bank and make sure the ZIP code on the card is accurate/updated. 


That said, if you know all of your payment info is correct, and that the ZIP code does correlate to the bank account then submit a support ticket with us here at so we can look into it further and see where the hold up is.


Thanks for sticking with us through the holiday season. We hope you have a happy New Year!



Level 2

If you still haven't gotten this fixed set your country to Andorrah

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its not going to work for people who are using a debit card because to use it in another country you have to call the bank, don't use this method if your going to use debit card


Level 2

I also just got a new one for my birthday, been having so much fun on all the free games, however i have same issue and it highly disappointing not being able to purchase new games : /

Level 2

Just use pay pal