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Is there a way to force an update?

Level 5
I'm hanging out for 1.12 !!

Level 4
Same here my Rift has been unusable for a while now, would love to opt in to this.

Level 7
Doubtful. Especially to force one that isn't out yet 😞

If you want a shot at early access with future closed tests, some on this forum said they had opened support tickets with oculus for their issues on 1.11, and continued to stay in good communication with them about the issues they were having.

Hopefully the update will roll-out soon enough for the rest of us.
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Level 4
We have rolled out the alpha version of 1.12 to a small pool of users, and do not currently have plans to extend it beyond that group.

Rest assured, we are actively working on bringing the full update out to all Oculus customers, as quickly as possible!

In the meantime, I've placed your ticket on hold until we are able to provide the update for all of our users, and can confirm your newest findings from it.

Thanks again for your continued patience, and we'll look forward to reconnecting then.

Here is what I was told when I asked Oculus for the update. 

Level 9

Same here my Rift has been unusable for a while now, would love to opt in to this.

Did you have a support ticket with Oculus?
The pool of testers is coming directly from those w/ support tickets.
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