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Issue with OVR Raycaster and World Space UI

Level 4
Hi there !

So, I'll try to keep it simple :

- I have an UI that the player can "pop" in front of him anytime during the gameplay
- I've used scripts from the Unity's framework so the player can interact with the UI with the blue round cursor.
- On my scene, I have gameobjects with an "OnPointerEnter" listeners, so that when then player look within the area that I delimited using a box trigger, something happen.

Everything's working fine, but if the player pop the UI in front of a gameobject with a "OnPointerEnter" listener, the UI that is in front of the gameobject doesn't work, but the gameobject behind do receive the events from the player.

I'm sure it has something to do with layers orders or something, but I can't figure that out. I need the UI to be "first priority" anytime to receive events, blocking out gameobjects behind.

Anyone got an idea ?

Thanks !


Level 3
I am also seeing incorrect behavior with OnPointerEnter and OnPointerExit with World-Space UI and only with OVR (not in the editor). Using the standard UI Button class (which uses OnPointerEnter/OnPointerExit for hovering animations) or a custom class that uses OnPointerEnter / OnPointerExit, there seems to be an offset in the x-y plane between the cursor and the interacting button. Clicking the mouse once (in any context) seems to fix the offset issue, until the buttons are repositioned again (such as being moved within a scroll window). So, although hovering may be broken, button clicking is not. It behaves as if OnPointerEnter and OnPointerExit are using stale cached RectTransforms.