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Issues on Badges and Notifications

Level 2

There is always a blue badge on my entertainment section of Oculus Home Screen.

Under explore and recommendations.   No new content is shown,   at every reboot, or every relaunch of the home UI,  it shows up again,     I even reset the device.  so I am guessing it is tied to my account data.

On my GF's oculus,  there isn't any.


Another thing I notice is  

Some Notifications will reappear after reboot, and deleting in notifications section

Right now for Me ,  2 Facebook Horizon Notification.  saying check out the 4/12 Horizon Update.

For GF,   some Basketball game in VR.

Both appear today.


Both clears out ,  but both reappears after reboot, and  blue badge appears again after Home UI launch after a app closes.   Any info that may help would be appreciated ,  Thank you