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Just bought an official oculus link cable and stopped working after 12 hours of using it

Level 2

I just bought an official oculus link cord from best buy yesterday, and at first it worked perfectly, no problems until i tried using it later last night, and it stopped connecting through oculus link even though my headset was still getting charge. I tried looking up solutions and i tried every one i found and only one had any success for me, i saw somebody saying uninstall and reinstall steamvr and disable unknown sources on the oculus app and that worked for me one time, i played for an hour and got off and this morning it stopped working again and that solution no longer works

Today i tried uninstalling my oculus pc app, signing in and out of it multiple times, tried to update my usb and gpu drivers which are up to date already, and i even reset my quest 2 with no success. Air link works fine but i didnt buy an 80 dollar cord to use air link, i even tried it with the 3ft charging cord that came with my quest and that was able to connect to oculus link just fine, so im starting to think i got a defective cord.