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Level 3

I bought my oculus quest probably 7-8 month ago and I had more trouble fixing problems with it then play game for fun. There is always a problem after fixing another now I cant play beat saber cause oculus software aint working right. here are all the thing i tried. unpluging all usb execpt mouse keyboard and vr, all my driver are os are fully updated, i tried redownloading and reparing the oculus app, resseting the headset, setting the memory of oculus server to high in task manager like as always do,  turned off all background app running to see if it would make a difference, Oculus app is also downloaded on my main hard drive = C: ,  Tried all the oculus support ways to fix it and still nothing I beleive it happened back when they did the latest update. other then that i have no clue.  To explain what i'm experiencing, Sound is laggy, lobby is laggy, all game is laggy, sometime i get random black screen. I know its not the head set because i tried beat saber on the quest it self(no pc) and it was working fine. If anyone know how to fix that problem plz tell me


Level 4

If you are using the Link cable that is your problem. Something as been broken in the update 25 I believe. Oculus PC is now on 26 but Quest is on 25 still. Anyways, going from threads to threads trying to find an answer from Oculus, none so far, hope they can answer these soon.