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Laptop switching between plugged in and battery when in VR

Level 2
Hey recently bought a new Quest 2 and am trying to play some games via Oculus Link. However, when I try to do so. My laptop will switch between plugged in to battery only during gameplay which leads to serious stuttering problems and huge fps drops. Like literally as if I was pulling out the power cable and and then plugging it back in only seconds later. This happens almost every 3-5 seconds (yes seriously) with it swapping between plugged in and battery. Sometimes even more frequently. 

This sometimes even happens when im not even running any games in oculus link, i could just have it plugged into the pc and it will start doing its whole plugged in/plugged out shenanigans. Particularly after exiting a game.

If its any relevance my laptop is an MSI Titan GT76 (borderline brand new if thats of any relevance)
Nvidia 2070 Super
Intel i9 10th Gen 
32GB of Ram
Also using a USB C connection for the Quest 2. 

Literally clueless as to what could be causing this. I can run non-vr games with the graphics cranked up to the top and no issues but as soon as i plug in VR things go wrong fast. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.