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Left Eye Only Black Screen New Quest 2

Level 2

Hi! So I just received my Quest 2 in the mail and I plugged it in to charge for awhile so I could hop right in to some VR. I finally put it on, and it seemed to be working fine for a bit, but when I was trying to set it up the left screen turned black. The right eye still works, and I can still see and access the menus and stuff, but only with the right eye.

I have it currently updating, so maybe that will fix it, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and how they got it fixed or if it can be fixed by simple means. I tried factory resetting and a couple other things, and I also haven’t been able to find anyone with this exact problem yet.


Level 4

I’ve not had that specific issue.   You should log onto Oculus and chat with them (go to support, contact us, raise a ticket, opt for chat, keep a copy when you’re done).  Good luck.   

Level 3

I have this exact problem too thought I was the only one it's quite annoying support got back pretty quick at the start but it has been a couple of days now since the last message not sure what to do it happening more often now.