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Left controller drift

Level 3

So I’ve played vr on the quest 2 daily and just started having stick drift on the left a month ago it was fine and I in all honestly thought it was just ehhh new technology it will get fixed but it’s got to the point of just blatant drift like I will move my left stick forward to walk and then I’ll just start walking backward I’ve tried to recalibrate but the solution on the old post is to old to work any solutions please 


Level 3

also what i mean by the solution is out of date is the way it says to open recalibration is wrong 

Level 3

Oculus support will make you send them a video of the issue occurring in game and make you update every single bit of software on your computer just to tell you that you'll need to send your left controller in for repairs. This process will take you an afternoon to get through if you're lucky, and you wont get to see your controller for upwards of 2 months. Then, when you finally get the controller back, you'll have the same issue within weeks.


There is no real solution, but for me electrical contact cleaner (CRC, WD40, brand doesn't matter) and canned air helps reduce drift to a manageable level. Just make sure you remove the battery and don't shake the cans.


Alternatively, if you're playing PCVR via Steam, you can set a deadzone for the left stick, but the drift can eventually become so bad that a 90% deadzone wont even help.

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Unfortunately this is a possible issue with most potentiometer based thumbsticks. Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo (especially Nintendo) and others all can get thumbstick drift for the same reasons.


If you are using Link or Airlink and want to see exactly what values are coming from the thumbstick (and maybe record it for sending to support, although I have no idea if they'd give it any credence) have a look at the Oculus Monitor in my signature. It's a testing program that shows normal, raw and no dead zone versions of all parts of a Touch controller.


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is there seriously no way to attempt a recalibration

i suppose i could try