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Left controller

Level 2

Its mover backwards by its self


2 options:


1. There are now controller calibration options in the settings menus, recalibrate the stick, it will happen again though.


2. Failing that and assuming you are out of warranty, look for "Quest 2 Controller Teardown" online, you want to remove the black plastic disk, pull the joystick cap off and then spray switch / electrical contact cleaner into the stick and wiggle it round for a minute, leave to dry for an hour then reassemble, your problem will be fixed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Dudebro3! We noticed you were having a bit of trouble with your Left Controller joystick drifting and we'd love to help out! 


graeme467 did have some fantastic input about the calibration of the joystick dead zones as those are a beautiful recent addition for this issue. As for the cleaning steps, if you are within warranty, the only cleaning steps we could recommend would be found in the link here. Any steps taken that are not recommended would, by default, void your warranty in its entirety. We would advise to hold off on that for now. 


If the recalibration doesn't seem to help. We advise you try out the following steps right below:

  • Remove the battery for roughly 20-30 minutes then replace with new or known working ones.
  • Unpair and re-pair your controllers. For steps on doing so, please click here.
  • When powering on your controllers, ensure that the Analog sticks aren't being held in any direction and are at rest in the neutral position.


If none of those seem to fix the drift, don't hesitate to reach out to use here for some further assistance!